Bill Thousand

 Reginald Harris, also know as “Bill Thousand” was born in Panorama City, CA. He wrote his first Rap at the age of ten and teamed up with his peers to form a Rap group in 2004. In 2013 his career took off after he invested much more time and money into his craft. 

He is noted for his outstanding business ethics and his record breaking mix tape “O.T. in the Thirteen” [click image for more]


Uncle Buc

The Performer. Turn Up God. Chicago-native. 4Gees founder.


James "JBIII" Borum is a rapper, producer, and engineer most-recently known for founding Three's Brand, bringing rappers Jose G, Uncle Buc and Bill Thousand to the front of the scene. Then, only a rap crew in 2012, "Three" began recording with and producing some of Eastern Iowa's most-popular hip-hop acts, such as King Dough, Marq Divine and Notti Boy (best-known for the freestyle "Hawkeye Anthem" music video, which garnered over 300,000 plays). [click image for more]

Jose G

An aspiring poet from California chose to relocate to Iowa at the age of 18. One day, the artist happened to stumble upon a hip-hop instrumental. He decided to recite one of his favorite poems to the beat.

...and just like that, Jose G was born.

Jose G (born Jose Guzman) has been on...  [click image for more]